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Current supporters

Thank you to our generous supporters!!

Public and private support is essential to meeting Sustainable Twin Ports' vision of a common language and planning process for organizations and individuals pursuing strategic and measureable actions toward sustainability.

Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation
• (2007-11: operations, EA pilot)
Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation
• (2010, 2011: operations)
A.H. Zeppa Family Foundation, Duluth, Minnesota
• (2007-09: operations, EA pilot)

Loll Designs (2011)
Twin Ports Testing (2010)
Western Lake Superior Sanitary District (2010)
Chani Becker
Mary Dragich and John Pastor
Janet Draper
Debra Hannu
Jerry Hembd
Randel Hanson
Jeff Maida
Nan Stubenvoll
Mrs. Rheta Tempel
Heidi Timm-Bijold

In Kind:
University of Wisconsin, Superior
• (2009-10: office space and office support)
City of Duluth
• (2010: office space)
Duluth Grill
• (2011: Early Adopters meals)
Duluth Art Institute
• (2011: Early Adopters Training space)
Environmental Protection Agency
• (2011: Early Adopter Training space)
Great Lakes Aquarium
• (2011: Early Adopters Training space)
Mary Schmitz
• (2011: Development Advisement)
Naked Binders.com
• (2011: Early Adopters reduction on supplies cost)
UMD Bagley Classroom
• (2011: Early Adopters Training space)
Whole Foods Co-op
• (2011: Early Adopters Training snacks)
Zeitgeist Arts LLC
• (2011: nonprofit rate on space rental)